El Bosque

Let El Bosque seduce you.

Close your eyes.

Imagine that everywhere you look, there is only emerald green. You walk among the trees, breathe in the smell of wet earth, feel the air vibrate to your rhythm.

You enjoy the moment while you walk along paths that invite you to get lost...

....without asfalt, without noise, without people.

El Bosque welcomes you. It invited you under its roof so that you can disconnect from the world looking at the stars from its massive window.

You might think that such place doesn´t exist. 

Let the other share their experience.

You can also feel the magic of El Bosque

Disconnection in the middle of the mountains

To spend a few days in El Bosque is an adventure that starts before you arrive to the cabin. 

The destination that is so special and isolated is not so easy to reach and requires some patience.The cabin is accessible by mountain road that stretches for 8km. 

Sharp turn, going uphill and down is part of the adventure. That´s a challenge that only few will take. 

Be patient, we guarantee you that all that effort is worth it.

What you will find in El Bosque

  • The cabin has 50m2 and is perfect for 2 adults
  • Location: Sierra de Peñamayor, Nava
  • We want you to fully disconnect and the small thing, therefore there is no WIFI or TV.
  •  In the mountains the signal is weak, but in the cabin you have prepaid phone that you can use in case of emergencies. This guarantees that you are connected if needed.
  • We know that dogs are part of the family.That´s why in Kabania they are welcome. You can bring Maximum 2 dogs with you.We do not have race or size restrictions. Keep in mind that the cabin is not fenced. 
  •  The bedroom has warm duvet to make sure you are not cold.The bed is double (135x180cm) with enough space for 2 people to sleep comfortably, however its much nicer to snuggle up.
  • The kitchen has everything you might need to cook a wholesome meal. We also provide all the little details that you will appreciate, such as extra virgen olive oil, vinegar, spices, coffee, tea....etc.However, be aware that the house is fully offgrid and powered by solar energy, therefore you will NOT find washing machine, dishwashes, oven, microwave or toaster. Enjoy the pleasures of simple cooking.
  •  In the bathroom you will find a bathtub next to big window which will allow you to enjoy amazing views while you enjoy our ecological amenities that smell amazing and take care of your skin and hair..
  •  If you visit us in winter your stay will be comfortable thanks to isolation of the house and its wood burning chimney and gas heater.
  • Free parking.
  • Big private garden, equiped with BBQ (we don´t provide coal for it), outside table for meals al fresco, chaise-longues and hammock.
  •  We respect your rest and privacy therefore we will not be invading it, however we are always available if you should have some questions or issues and we will resolve it as soon as posible..
  • We respect the planet and we try to leave minimal impact to our environmentand to our surroundings. We have achieved it by having the house 100% sustainable thanks to our solar panels..

    Frequently asked questions

    Payment methods

    Full reservation amount is charged on credit card to guarantee the booking.

    Minimal stay

    The minimal stay is 2 nights ( holidays - 3 nights). 

    En Julio y Agosto la estancia minima es de 4 noches. 

    We do not offer 1 night stays.


    Check-in and Check-out times

    Check-in is from 16h (4 p.m.)

    Check out is before noon (12 p.m.)

    Are you kid friendly?

    The house has the capacity of 2 people. Due to its unique location and characteristics we can ensure safety and comfort of the little ones. 

    Cancelation policy

    If you make a reservation and cancel during the first 48 hours, we will fully refund you. This gives you time to read all the information regarding the house and be sure that it’s the right fit.

    If you cancel your booking 7 or more days before the check-in, we will refund you 50% of your reservation fee.

    We do not issue any refunds for cancelation less that 7 days before check-in.

    If I decide to leave earlier, do you issue a refund for days unused?

    No, we do not refund if you decide to leave earlier than your check-out date.

    What happens with my booking if there are COVID related travel restrictions?

    We do offer a COVID cancellation insurance which you can choose when you make your booking as an extra. We will refund 100% of your booking fee up to 24 hours before check-in if: 

     -There are travel restrictions at the the origin, route and destination of your booking that makes it imposible for you to travel.

    -Any of the persons that have booked the stay in Kabania tested positive and has documentation to prove it.

    Do you offer activity planning services?

    No, we do not offer any planning services. However, when you make a booking we do send very comprehensive guidebook that includes various useful information of the area which will help you do some planning of your own.

    Do you offer transport services?

    The privacy of our clients is one of our key points, therefore we offer self-check in and we do not have transport services.

    Even though you offer self check-in is it posible that you greet us upon arrival?

    Sure! Just let us know the exact time of your arrival 24 hours before and we will make sure to be there to greet you.

    Do I need 4x4 vehicle to reach the cabin?

    No, it´s not necesarry as most of the vehicles are suitable for this mountain road, except very low sports cars. We do recommend renting a vehicle that is tall and short as it will offer you most manoeuvrability. If you book your stay in between October and April we do suggest having snow chains or winter tires.

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